Look Out for Exciting Fall Art Fairs Around the World

As the summer heat subsides and students return to their classrooms, museums and galleries worldwide are preparing to unveil a captivating array of exhibitions for art enthusiasts. Autumn marks a prime season for art exhibitions, offering a selection of thought-provoking shows that cater to both seasoned art connoisseurs and curious newcomers. Here, we highlight some of the standout exhibitions to mark on your calendar this fall.

Look Out for Exciting Fall Art Fairs Around the World

“In the Shade of the Sun” – London

London’s The Mosaic Rooms continues its tradition of curating exceptional programming that delves into the intricate intersections of politics and aesthetic responses to contemporary issues. For its autumn exhibition, “In the Shade of the Sun,” the gallery invites three emerging Palestinian artists – Mona Benyamin, Xaytun Ennasr, and Dina Mimi – to showcase their works. These artists employ diverse mediums such as video, performance, sound, and text to explore themes related to the past, present, and future.

The exhibition is a collaborative effort with Bilna’es, a commissioning and music platform initiated by artists Ruanne Abou-Rahme and Basel Abbas, along with musician Muqata’a and others. Bilna’es focuses on supporting cultural production in Palestine, highlighting how the development of essential artistic infrastructure has become a form of art in itself. It underscores the dedication of cultural producers in Ramallah and beyond to the creation and presentation of art.

“Where to Now?” – Vienna

Vienna’s Krinzinger Schottenfeld gallery dedicates its programming to independent curators as part of its “Curated By” initiative. The current exhibition, curated by Verena Formanek, a member of the team behind the forthcoming Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, explores the work of artists from the Gulf region and its surroundings.

This cross-generational and regional survey examines artists who are seen as integral to separate art lineages in the Gulf. The subjects range from Abdulnasser Gharem and Ahmed Mater’s pivotal roles in shaping the Saudi art scene to the contributions of early-generation UAE artists like Mohammed Kazem, Lamya Gargash, and Layla Juma. The exhibition also features younger artists, such as Rokni and Ramin Haerizadeh and Radhika Khimji, who represent the Gulf as a dynamic hub of intersection and exchange.

“Chorus in Rememory of Flight” – London

Julianknxx, born in Sierra Leone and raised in London, explores themes of identity and legacy through a multifaceted artistic practice that transcends traditional boundaries. His work spans various mediums, including film, performance, music, and poetry, addressing complex issues of identity, legacy, and racism.

His debut major solo exhibition in the UK will take place at the Barbican Art Gallery’s The Curve. The centerpiece of the show is a commissioned video project in which Julianknxx traveled to European port cities historically linked to Sierra Leone. In each city, he collaborated with local black choirs, inviting them to sing the refrain, “We are what’s left of us.” This powerful exhibition explores the legacy of Sierra Leone as a significant departure point for the West African slave trade and the enduring racism faced by Black individuals in the West.


This autumn, art lovers can eagerly anticipate a diverse range of exhibitions as museums and galleries worldwide unveil their offerings. From London’s exploration of Palestinian artists’ reflections on the past and future to Vienna’s cross-generational survey of Gulf artists and Julianknxx’s powerful examination of identity and legacy in London, these exhibitions promise to engage and inspire audiences from around the world.

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